Pitch Like a PR Pro


Pitching is a delicate art. It’s not to be taken lightly. And sometimes, you only get that one chance to make a great first impression (hint: don’t blow it). This package offers Press Market team support with your pitch to make sure you get it right when it counts: the first time. 

Send us your pitch. Tell us about your biz and what you’re hoping to accomplish. We take a look, edit as needed and make sure it’s ready to help you accomplish what you need it to. We don’t send it back until it’s ship-shape. No more missed opportunities. No more unprofessional-looking pitches. No more unanswered emails. We put the same effort and professionalism we put into our own pitches into yours, with tips on how to personalize your pitch to make sure you get a response (spoiler alert: after this, you actually might hear back from someone).

Product Description

Here’s what’s included:

  • You send us your pitch copy and your pitching targets; we groom, edit and turn back around to you a pitch deliverable with supporting materials to help you get it right. (most of our clients will take our final, done-for-you pitch we believe no self-respecting journalist, editor, influencer or potential business partner could refuse and reuse it for other purposes…so this is not a one-and-done deliverable).
  • Up to 10 Press Market team man hours for researching your pitching target, your industry, and the media contacts you’ll need to add to your list.
  • Yep, you’ll get a list of up to five researched-for-you media contacts we identify in return with your pitch.
  • This package includes medium to heavy editing (we’ve even been known to rewrite pitches completely if they’re not up to snuff), but you have to start with something for us to start with something. At least two paragraphs of existing copy is required with this pacakge.
  • Access to our private, client-only Facebook Group so we can keep in touch on your pitching progress!
  • Here’s what you’ll walk away with:
    • Done-for-you pitch copy you can repurpose again and again (but especially that first time when it really counts).
    • Up to five media contact names and contact information for you to target based on your pitching goals
    • Our PR Pro pitching tip-sheet with best practices so you minimize pitching mistakes and mishaps