Complimentary Marketing + PR Proposal Review


Here’s what you will get:

  • You send us the proposal or contract you’re considering and we offer unbiased, professional and knowledgeable feedback from PR and marketing experts with years of experience with real notes added over the document with our thoughts, red flags, etc.
  • You’ll also get our one-sheet Red Flag PR Proposal Review Kit so you can learn how to vet future contracts on your own and be comfortable and confident looking at new proposals.

We offer no more than five free reviews per month, so add this to your cart early at the beginning of the month before inventory is gone!

Disclaimer: We’re not looking for ways you can negotiate more out of your contract and we are not professional legal counselors. We offer this review as two PR and marketing experts who have reviewed hundreds of proposals over the years and know what a credible PR + marketing partner should be offering. This is just an added measure we offer business owners who might be looking at PR and marketing services for the first time and are not sure what they should be looking for or where to start. We’ll flag any concerns, if they exist, and offer notes/questions for areas you should inquire to learn more about before signing.

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Product Description

One of the main reasons we got into this business is because we got tired of seeing our fellow business owners be scammed out of marketing and PR contracts they engaged in, only to spend and lose thousands of dollars and receive nothing in return. Even if you don’t choose us as your PR partner, we still want to help make sure you’re making a healthy, smart choice for your business. Are you considering a contract for marketing, PR or communications services and you’re not sure what to look for or where to start? Let us take a look. We offer this service for free to any small business or startup to help set all businesses up for success, but only offer five free reviews per month so add to your cart at the beginning of the month before inventory is out!

When it comes to your business, you can’t be too careful. Why not have an extra set of eyes do a once-over and make sure everything is on the up and up?